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What You Can Do About Global Warming

Conservation and GHG Reduction


  • Please recycle plastic and aluminium containers by placing in the large green bins provided around the property, mostly near laundries.
  • Please keep vegetable scraps separate and deliver to Reception or restaurant for the chickens or leave for composting. No bones, meat or dairy for composting please as these may attract vermin.


  •  Pump up tyres to correct pressure. Under filled tyres can increase fuel consumption and raise GHG emissions by 10 %
  •  Walk to the restaurant and shop.
  •  Hire a bike.
  •   Drive carefully, speeding increases fuel consumption, drive smoothly to avoid braking and accelerating
  •  Unload excess weight from the car.



  • Open doors, windows and curtains on cooler days, mornings and evenings.
  • If the temperature is mid 30 degrees C, or higher, and uncomfortable turn on the cooler.
  • If “evaporative” air conditioner, close doors and curtains leaving a window open in each room. If refrigerated  then close all doors, windows and, if practicable, curtains to keep the cool in and heat out. Setting the control lower than around 23 degrees does not make the room cooler, it overloads and possibly freezes up the air conditioner.


  • Dress warmly before putting the heater on
  • Keep doors and windows closed

Actions at work and home:

Consider the above, plus investigate your personal and workplace Carbon Foot-prints and ways of avoiding and/or mitigating your emissions. More information is available at the following links...

Links to govt and resources:

Department of Climate Change:

(Aust. Gov’t Official definitions, explanations and links to science)

Climate Change SA:

(Personal action plans, useful links)

Australian Conservation Foundation:

(Carbon footprint calculator, action plans)

National Geographic Climate Change Interactive Site:

(photo evidence, explanations, quizzes, links)

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