Unforgettable experiences in the Flinders Ranges

02 May 2021

The Flinders Ranges offers one of the worlds most unforgettable landscapes, so what can you do here? We've put together a list of some of our favourite unforgettable experiences.




Ever thought about combining your next camping trip with a helicopter flight? Our Heli-Camping experience is just that! Take a scenic ride on a helicopter over the Chace Range, where you’ll be dropped off to your exclusive campsite for the night. You’ll enjoy a 2-course dinner in a camp oven and sleep under the stars in a swag. In the morning, you’ll wake up to the sun lighting up the Elder Range and Ikara peaks below and cook yourself breakfast with the provisions left for you, before returning back to the Station via another helicopter flight. Swags, camp ovens and the outback scenery– this is a classic Australian experience with a twist that you’ll never forget.


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Scenic Flight over ancient seabeds

Did you know that the Flinders Ranges was once an ancient seabed that has been subject to uplift and erosion causing the mountain ranges that you see today, over millions of years? On a scenic flight with Chinta Air departing out of Rawnsley Park Station, you can see for yourself the vast, majestic landscape of the Flinders Ranges. 


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Million-star accommodation 

Photo by @re_hyun on Instagram

As the Flinders Ranges is so far away from any major cities there is no light pollution, giving you a first-class view of the stars. Whether you prefer to bush camp or stay in our homestead, cabins or luxury eco-villas, you’ll get our million-star rated accommodation across them all. 


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4WD Tracks

There are 15 private and 24 public access 4WD tracks as part of the Station Stays network, and many more outside of this, making the Flinders one of the most popular destinations for 4WD enthusiasts. Pick up a Stations Stays network map and mark the tracks off as you do them. Each track varies in difficulty, length and scenery, and each is completely different. If you’re not very confident to explore them self-drive, why not consider a guided tour? This way you don’t miss out on any of the fun and travel with an experienced guide who is knowledgeable about the area that you are travelling.


Any of these ideas sound intriguing? Get in touch with us to organize your Heli-camping experience, scenic flight, accommodation and 4WD tours on your next trip to the Flinders Ranges.