Rawnsley Park today

Tony and Julie Smith

Rawnsley Park Station is owned and managed by fourth generation Flinders Ranges’ residents, Tony and Julieanne Smith. The station has been in the Smith family since 1953, and was originally owned by Tony’s father, Clem Smith. Initially devoted to sheep shearing, the station ventured into tourism in 1968, when the first cabins were opened and sheep shearing demonstrations began. 

Tony and Julieanne took over Rawnsley Park in 1985 and, since then, have transformed a small, struggling sheep station into an award-winning tourism facility that attracts 20,000 visitors each year. Though tourism is the main industry on the property, the Station still runs 2000 sheep.

Active members of the South Australian tourism industry, Tony and Julieanne are passionate about the Flinders Ranges and the tourism opportunities it presents. They were one of the first tourism operators in South Australia to gain official ecotourism accreditation and have won multiple State and National Tourism Awards.

Committed to environmentally responsible and sustainable tourism, Tony and Julieanne have entered into a Heritage Agreement with the South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources to protect the diverse vegetation of Rawnsley Bluff. Their substantial financial investment into the Rawnsley Park eco-villas over the past decade is further evidence of this commitment. 

Avid travellers, Tony and Julieanne have explored much of the Australian Outback and enjoy summer holidays by the sea. They have three adult sons, all of whom have been raised at Rawnsley Park Station.