Protecting the environment

We encourage guests to be mindful of their impact of their actions when visiting Rawnsley Park Station.  You can minimise the environmental impact of your stay by:


  • Recycling plastic and aluminium containers by placing them in the large green bins provided around the property, mostly near laundries.
  • Keeping vegetable scraps separate and delivering them to reception or the restaurant for feeding to our chickens or use as compost.  (No bones, meat or dairy for composting please as these may attract vermin.)


  • Pump up tyres to correct pressure. Under-filled tyres can increase fuel consumption and raise GHG emissions by 10%.
  • Walking to the restaurant and shop.
  • Hire a bike.
  • Drive carefully, speeding increases fuel consumption, drive smoothly to avoid braking and accelerating
  • Unload excess weight from the car.

For ideas on how to be more environmentally friendly at work or home visit: