Conservation at Rawnsley Park

Rawnsley Park Station is committed to environmental sustainability and social and cultural responsibility. We believe that human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are a chief cause of global warming and that their reduction may reduce the speed and degree of global warming. Likewise, we embrace greenhouse gas reduction as a means of focusing attention on protecting the global environment and the intelligent and sustainable use of the Earth’s finite resources.

Some of the environmental measures we have adopted at Rawnsley Park Station include:

  • Recycling of plastic, glass and aluminium
  • Removing lawns and replacing with native plants and mulching rockeries.
  • Use of timers and drippers to water gardens at night, particularly during summer
  • Use of micro flourescent light globes
  • Use of recycled timber and double-glazed windows in the eco-villas and office    
  • Installation of 9kW solar power generator at the eco-villas
  • Building the eco-villas and office from straw bales, which has excellent thermal properties
  • Installation of wide verandahs at the eco-villas and shadecloth pergolas at the holiday units
  • Introducing the sustainable cleaning and maintenance practices of the eco-villas to the rest of the property.
  • All tours at Rawnsley Park Station have Eco Certification IV accreditation at Nature Tourism Level,
  • The eco-villas hold advanced Eco Tourism accreditation
  • Participating in Climate Action Australia accreditation
  • Promoting awareness of sustainability issues to staff and guests - see Protecting Our Environment for more information.
  • Revegetation of parts of the bush camping area
  • Using food scraps from the restaurant and villas to feed our chickens
  • Replacing windmills with solar pumps which are easier to maintain
  • Sourcing local produce for the restaurant, shop and villas, including using Rawnsley Dohne lambs
  • Using local builders and tradespeople when making improvements to buildings
  • Supporting the reintroduction of the Western Quoll to the Flinders Ranges National Park.

Rawnsley Park Station has been ECO Certified by Ecotourism Australia for over 20 years. Read more about this accreditation here

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