Rawnsley Park shop

The shop is currently open from 8am to 9am and 5.30pm to 6.30pm.

The shop sells a good range of groceries (including fresh produce and meat), ice-creams, alcohol, souvenirs and fuel. It’s located in the caravan park, a five-minute drive from the eco-villas and holiday units, or a 15-minute walk.  

Swimming pool

Cool down with a dip in our swimming pool, located in the caravan park. It’s open to all guests from 10am until sunset, though children should be supervised at all times. For the ultimate luxury, Rawnsley Homestead has a private swimming pool for guests’ exclusive use. The Eco-villas also now have a swimming pool for eco-villa guests' exclusive use. This pool is  also open from 10am until sunset. All of our pools are closed in the cooler months from May to the middle of September.  

Watch this space as we are also putting in a pool at the holiday units., which we hope to have ready in time for Christmas.

Hybrid Cars

We are happy for you to charge your hybrid car, but please discuss this with staff at reception. The cost is $5 per day. We do have two charging stations at the holiday units.

Mobile Phones

Telstra mobile coverage is available at the Woolshed Restaurant and the Camp Kitchen at the caravan park.

We also now have a small cell Optus Tower, which provides coverage over most of the property.


Whilst we are happy for you to bring your drone, we do expect you to respect other people's privacy.